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what's "clawhammer"?

„Clawhammer” is a playing technique with origins in Banjo playing. It is most common in folk music from the American South-East. Clawhammer style is often used in the songs and Fiddle-tunes in Appalachian Music. It is a form of song accompaniment that picks up certain elements of the lead voice and combines them with a rhythmic pattern. If played well, it can develop a unique and irresistible groove. To get a first impression of the Clawhammer sound, the songs of Banjo players Mike Seeger and Dirk Powell are a great starting point. Artists like Aaron Keim or Richard Hefner demonstrate what Ukulele players can do with the Clawhammer technique.

Watch this video here. It's the first one from my clawhammer beginner's course "ukulele on fire - introduction to the art of clawhammer". I show you what clawhammer sounds like and what you need it for.

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